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New Mobile.NET product: a tablet-based platform for the sales force! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:42:00 AM Categories: News/Announcements

 ComCept Solutions is proud to present the new Mobile.NET sales force tool for customer inventory and ordering with or without an internet connection in the shop.

  • Mobile.NET replaces the previous Mobile Salesman product with a browser-based platform·that can operate even if there is no data connection in the shops or on the road. It provides multiple benefits to the distributor including:        
  • Sales Orders directly, electronically submitted to the store from the field. No phone calls, faxes, further entry, or miscommunication.
  • Orders automatically created in the system at the store. No re-keying by technicians resulting in more accurate ordering.
  • Customer Count Sheet functionality for shop inventory and order creation based on on-hand quantity and set stock levels.
  • 100% barcode capable and always current (as of last internet connection) for pricing, availability, and order status.
  • If no data connection, Mobile.NET remains fully functional and syncs with the online database as soon as connectivity becomes available. 



ComCept announces the CollisionLinx Family of Products! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 3:51:00 PM Categories: News/Announcements

ComCept Solutions is proud to announce that as of Friday, September 19, 2014, our OrderLinx web portal for order and report management by the Collision Center will be re-branded as CollisionLinx. It will still be the fully functioning order and report tool that the collision centers that are served by our customers have come to rely. The new branding is part of a larger effort by ComCept to present the CollisionLinx Family of Products, including the CollisionLinx portal, CollisionScan, and CollisionVend as a total suite for the collision center. This allows ComCept to provide our customers with a complete set of tools to offer their customers for total, integrated, order and inventory management.


CollisionScan- BarCode Scanning Released 02/01/2014! 

Saturday, February 01, 2014 1:07:00 PM Categories: News/Announcements

ComCept Solutions would like to announce CollisionScan, the newest compliment to the CollisionLinx family of products, expanding the only cloud-based, complete, perpetual inventory system for the auto paint industry! CollisionScan brings barcode scanning to the collision center as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the existing CollisionVend Coil and Locker vending solutions. For more information, email or call 727-535-1900 and select Option 2.

Who are we at ComCept?

ComCept Solutions provides comprehensive IT solutions for paint distributors. We have built the Paint, Body, and Equipment (PBE) industry’s most advanced computer system for managing inventory, customers, point-of-sale, accounting, direct eBusiness to manufacturers, mobile tools, perpetual inventory control, and more servicing the automotive paint distributor/jobber community. Our systems allow distributors to:

  • Track and report any sale, purchase or transaction across multiple store locations, all in real time.
  • Purchase electronically from suppliers and other ComCept distributors, increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Provide a complete, connected, perpetual inventory system allowing for unprecedented, flexible, tracking and control of liquid and associated products for the auto paint distributor.
  • Collect signatures, run sales and customer ordering / stocking tools on handheld devices.
  • Automatically calculate restock needs at every location, including overstocks, then have POs and transfers automatically generated system-wide.
  • Take advantage of a completely integrated accounting solution, with Accounts Payable, comprehensive General Ledger, and drill-down reporting.
  • Extend a portal to customers, where shops can print their own statements, run reports on their usage and sales, and print copies of electronically signed invoices.
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