This page outlines hardware and bandwidth requirements for ComCept .NET applications. These specifications are provided to guide clients in the configuration of their computer systems to run ComCept .NET. They are also utilized by third-party vendors for establishing the client’s computer platform.

*** NOTICE! These specifications are only MINIMUMS. They do not take into account running other software simultaneously with ComCept .NET or running multiple computers on your network. We recommend you exceed minimums in four key areas:

  1. Memory capacity/speed
  2. Processor speed
  3. Connection speed
  4. Hard disk capacity/speed

Exceeding the minimum requirements will help ensure productivity and performance.

System Component Minimum Recommended ***
Browser Internet Explorer 11 Internet Explorer 11, EDGE
Processor 2.0 + GHz Quad Core (no Intel Celeron or AMD Sempron CPUs) 3.0 + GHz Quad Core
Hard Disk 40 GB Free 100 GB Free
Memory 8 GB 16 GB
Screen Resolution 1400 x 800 1920 x 1080
Printer Plain Paper Laser Plain Paper Laser
Internet ^ 768 kb down / 384 kb up (for one machine) ^ 3 MB down / 1.5 MB up ^


Windows ® 2000 XP/7/8        Windows 10  (32/64-bit)
Version Prof All Home Editions All Other Editions
ComCept Recommends Windows 10 Professional


^ Bandwidth requirements will vary greatly depending on the types of machines, configuration of the machines, the number of machines, type of job being done, and the volume of transactions being done.  Our recommendations are for a bare minimum configuration and will not be suitable for all scenarios.  It is recommended you consult with ComCept prior to obtaining your Internet connection to discuss your bandwidth requirements.


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