ComCept .Net is the leading Paint Body and Equipment (PBE) distribution management software, providing all the capabilities for distributors to excel and dominate in their markets.
ComCept .Net was first developed for the Automotive Paint Jobbers - the distributors that sell paint and supplies to body shops - but has evolved to be extremely flexible in any distribution environment. With many features unique to this industry, such as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) tracking and Hazardous Materials Manifest production. ComCept .Net now provides these distributors with a feature-rich product with all the modern conveniences of operating in the Windows environment - competing software solutions in the PBE market rely on legacy operating systems using text-based tools that lock data in antiquated databases creating barriers to e-business. The core functionality of ComCept .Net provides standard accounting features in a connected environment. This produces a live system where data can easily be shared among any number of users in an enterprise, and between suppliers and vendors using secure Internet communication.

ComCept.Net features

Point-of-Sale Invoicing  •  Accounts Receivable  •  Inventory Management  •  Purchasing  •  Customer Direct Access  •  Account Management  •  On-Line Ordering  •  Shipping  •  Advanced Reporting (Information Analysis)  •  Application Security  •  ComCept .Net Accounting, QuickBooks and Great Plains Integration  •  Off-Line Mode Invoicing  •  Electronic ordering via CollisionLinx  •  Order from suppliers over the web  •  Time Clock  •  And many more...

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