Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Introduction
  • General
  • Prohibited Activities
  • Responsibility for Third Parties
  • Security
  • Rights and Remedies
ComCept Solutions, LLC (herein after known as ComCept) may provide to business and consumer users (herein after know as Client) a variety of information technology related services, including such service as application and data hosting, email hosting, website hosting, internet access, ATM, frame relay, voice and other data, online, internet-related, and telecommunications services (each, a "Service"). The following statement represents ComCept Solutions standpoint on the use of its Services. Clients show their intentions agree to and comply with the provisions contained herein when they use our services.
ComCept may filter e-mail for known viruses or unsolicited commercial e-mail (also known as spam). This may also help prevent the spread of some viruses. ComCept does not, however, guarantee that e-mail delivered to your mailbox will be virus-free or spam free.
ComCept will not be responsible for content obtained by or delivered to your computer via the Internet. Such content may include, but is not limited to, viruses, sexually explicit material, racial slurs, or other material that may be destructive to the Client’s system(s) or considered offensive.
ComCept strongly urges all clients to run antivirus software and to check for updates daily.
ComCept limits e-mail attachment size to 10MB per e-mail. This is total size after e-mail encoding. The size of any actual attachment that you may wish to send will be less. You are required to ensure that email meets the size restrictions before you send an e-mail message or the message will be rejected.
Mail left on server more than 180 days may be purged at any time without prior notification.
ComCept’s customers are solely responsible for the content and messages that they post, distribute or otherwise make available using ComCept’s networks and services. ComCept encourages its Clients to self-rate their websites using a major rating agency such as the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA).
Use of mailing lists requires that each list be password protected and that no e-mail address may be added to the list without the prior consent of the recipient. Opt-out links must be included and requests must be immediately and permanently honored. Failure to follow this guideline will result in immediate account termination.
If a customer chooses to send bulk mail they must:
  1. Be able to prove opt-in by means of confirmed, double-opt in logs or other proof;
  2. Must provide an opt-out option on every e-mail sent in bulk that is immediately and permanently honoured, even if the recipient had previously expressed an interest in receiving the e-mail;
  3. Must not violate any other prohibited activities as listed below


Prohibited Activities

It is contrary to ComCept’s policy to effect or participate in any of the activities listed below (whether actual or attempted and whether directly or indirectly) through a Service.

  1. Posting messages substantially similar in content to 10 or more Usenet or other newsgroups, forums, listservs, or other similar groups or lists (each, a "List") unless you moderate the group(s);
  2. Posting messages, articles, or other content to a List which are off-topic according to the charter or other owner-published FAQs or descriptions of the List;
  3. Sending unsolicited email if the emails could reasonably be expected to provoke complaints. Except as otherwise defined under applicable law, "unsolicited email" does not include: 

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