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General Overview:

  1. ComCept's e-mail server(s) are its own property and ComCept reserves the right to determine who may send e-mail to accounts on its servers.
  2. You are required to agree to and abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. ComCept requires that users check an e-mail account hosted on its server(s) before that user will be allowed to send mail using our servers. All other attempts will fail. Unauthorized attempts to send mail through our server(s) are logged. ComCept will take legal action against anyone attempting to use our facilities without authorization. If you received a message that says "542 5.7.1 Mail relay not allowed! You must check mail here before sending" it means what it says, you must have checked mail (logged into your POP3 account) in the past 15 minutes before you will be allowed to send mail here.
  4. ComCept reserves the right to filter e-mail based on content and/or source. If content is regularly used by a bulkmailer ("spammer") to deliver unsolicited e-mail (aka "spam"), ComCept may, at its sole discretion, block e-mail(s) containing that content from being delivered.
  5. ComCept limits the types of attachments that may be sent or delivered via our e-mail services. Those attachments, based on Microsoft's recommendations, are files that can easily be run by a Windows-based computer and can carry potentially damaging viruses. Furthermore, due to recent virus outbreaks using encrypted attachments, such attachments are prohibited.
  6. ComCept reserves the right to scan for viruses and to remove any attachment that is determined to contain a virus.
  7. ComCept reserves the right to block, either manually or with a 3rd party service, any IP address from sending to our e-mail server(s). Once blocked you will have to use our contact form to request unblocking.
  8. Your e-mail address must contain a valid domain name with an MX record for our mail server to accept your e-mail.
  9. Attachments are limited in size to 10MB.
  10. Recipients are limited to 100 per e-mail. This means that if you need to send to more than 100 people per e-mail you will need to either break up the list to 100 or fewer and send multiple e-mails or contact us about setting up a mailing list. Remember, due to the new US anti-spam law, you are required to provide a physical mailing address, a valid e-mail address, and a method to unsubscribe from any bulk e-mailing you send.
  11. Mail boxes are limited to 50MB total. That means if you use Webmail and create additional mail boxes or leave sent items in the sent folder, the combined sizes of all mail boxes may not exceed 50MB.
  12. E-mail accounts not used or accessed for 12 months may be deleted without notice.
Therefore, using various common sources of known viruses and junk e-mailers, ComCept maintains filters listed here. ComCept makes no guarantees that these filters are foolproof. Their function is to help reduce the amount of junk e-mail and viruses sent via e-mail to and from accounts on our mail server. It is possible that a legitimate e-mail may be inadvertently rejected based on one of these filters. ComCept will work with any customer who feels a filter needs modified and/or deleted to reduce the possibility of a legitimate e-mail being rejected. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you need assistance. One of our support techs will get back to you as soon as we can.


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