Postmaster Help:

This tutorial has been posted by ComCept to provide you with a complete “how to” guide for administering your company’s email accounts on ComCept's mail server. Using the instructions posted here will allow you to add, delete, and edit email accounts for which you are the administrator (possessing administrative credentials). This page is updated and available to you through your email subscription(s) at ComCept. If you desire personal assistance in administering your email accounts, you can contact ComCept Support and your account will be billed at standard rates for our time providing guidance or intervention on your behalf.
To use ComCept's Virtual Postmaster you must:
  • Be using ComCept for inbound mail (POP3 Server);
  • Have Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or higher, 6.0 SP1 recommended.
  • Have Java installed ( If you don't. Get it here ).
  • Have access to port 8000 through your firewall.
Note: Throughout this document it refers to "".  Each place you see this would be replaced with your company's Internet domain.  For example, ComCept employees get mail at  That means we replace with "" at each location herein.
Available options here:
  • Log On
  • Add Accounts
  • Password Requirements
  • Delete Accounts
  • Rebuild Mailbox
  • Log Off
Open IE and go to ( or whatever your POP3 server is if you have been given a different server address ).
Enter your Postmaster username & password in the following form.  Note you must use your full Postmaster address including the domain name followed by your password.  The Interface will always be "Administration" when you logon here.
You will now be presented with options.
Add Accounts
To add users click through the + signs in the left column going from Administration, to Mail, finally to Users.
To add one or more users we recommend using the "Add many accounts" even if you're only adding one user.  Click in the select circle next to the option then put users in the following form using <enter> between the users.  Don't worry if the data you enter wraps onto the next line just make sure that you press <enter> after you enter the second password.
Usernames can be pretty much any combination of letters &/or numbers you like (e.g. or  The use of non-alphanumeric characters other than periods (.), dashes (-), or underscores (_) should be avoided at all costs.  Many mail servers will not accept mail from accounts with anything other than letters, numbers, and those 3 characters. Do NOT use a space in a username or in the password.
Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one letter, one number, and one symbol (for example ! @  #).  For example, abcde67~ and 12345fg~ are valid where abcdefgh, 12345678, 1234567~ are not.  Do not use your first or last name or your company name for the password or anything close to your e-mail address.  It is not advised to use a comma in your password.
If you believe a user's password has been compromised immediately change it and notify ComCept support of the breach.
When you click Add you should get the following screen.
To delete a user click on the Delete User tab under "Users"
If the account you want deleted is already highlighted click Next, otherwise select the desired account then click Next.  Be careful here, there is NO "undo" short of manually adding the account back in "Add User".
Click Delete when done and you should get this screen.
If you have an account that gets errors when checking mail you may need to rebuild their mail box.  To do so navigate to the Users section, select the mail box, then click Edit.  There you will find a button that says "Rebuild mailbox".  You should not have to do this very often.  If it becomes a problem please contact ComCept's Support Department via your normal method(s).
Log off
When you are done please remember to click the Log Off button in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.  You may do this from any screen you are one.  Once you do this you will have to log back on if you wish to make any additional additions/deletions.

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