RBL, Blocked Servers & other fatal errors:

ComCept reserves the right to deny access to our mail server(s) to any mail server it sees fit; however, ComCept has no desire to block legitimate mail servers from delivering mail. With spam a major problem today, ComCept may ban individual or blocks of IP address from sending to our e-mail server(s) if they have been found to be open relays* as well as any other server that abuses Internet e-mail servers from delivering e-mail to our server. Furthermore, your From: address must have an MX record for our mail server to accept your mail. The following are explanations of some of the error codes our servers respond with:
Domain has no MX record.
This means that your "From:" address does not have an entry called an MX ("mail exchanger") record in DNS. For example, abuse@comcept.net is a valid address because comcept.net has one or more MX records. However, abuse@blah_blah_blah.comcept.net is not a valid address because blah_blah_blah.comcept.net does not have an MX record. If you do not have a valid MX record mail cannot be sent to or returned to you so if you think your "From:" address is right you need to contact your ISP or mail administrator and have them check on an MX record for your domain.
RBL lists.
ComCept current employs the use of 3 RBL (realtime block list) services. Computers with an IP address listed by one of these three services will not be allowed to deliver mail to our servers until such time as they are no longer listed. For more information on these RBL lists please visit their respective sites, please note that clicking on these links below will open a new browser window and take you to a 3rd party site over which ComCept has no control.
Once removed from these lists our mail servers will automatically allow your e-mail to be delivered.
Permanent Errors:
ComCept may fail some mail with a specific code, for example:
Permanent error involving remote host. 550 Undeliverable e-mail. See http://www.comcept.net/email/help.asp for help. 99
The code at the end, in this case 99, tells us what the specific filter was that prevented the e-mail from being delivered. Contact the Customer Service Department to resolve this issue.
Unknown error or unable to connect:
If you are unable to connect at all it is possible you have been banned at our router and/or firewall. If that is the case you will need to call us at the number above or use our abuse report form available here.
*Open Relay: A mail server with no protections against the sending of unauthorized and/or unsolicited e-mail to e-mail accounts on other servers without permission.

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