How to setup Outlook Express:

•If your system has never had an e-mail address follow Example #1 AND Step 6 in Example #2.
•If your system needs to update/change an address follow Example #2
Example #1
1. When you first start Outlook Express you will be prompted to enter your name. Please do so and click Next.
2. Now enter the e-mail address exactly as it was provided to you and click Next:
3. In this next step both Incoming and Outgoing mail servers will match exactly. Once you have entered the e-mail server information click Next:
4. Now you will enter the information used to retrieve your e-mail. This information should have been provided to you when ComCept setup your account(s). Please note that your Account Name is your full e-mail address (if you do not use your full e-mail address for your Account name your e-mail will not work) and your password is case sensitive - meaning 'a' is not the same as 'A'. Please enter the Account Name and Password now and click Next:
5. At this point your account is setup. Click Finished to begin using Outlook Express. You should follow this FAQ to set the server time settings for Outlook Express.
Example #2:
If your computer has already had an e-mail address on it and you need to update and/or change the e-mail address follow these steps.
1. Start Outlook Express. Once running, click the menu item Tools, then Accounts.
2. Then click on the Mail tab.
3. Highlight the account you wish to update/change and click Properties. That will take you to the General e-mail settings tab:
Here you can make changes to the Name, Organization, and e-mail address. Unless you have a particular reason not to, the Reply address should match the E-mail address. Make any necessary changes and click Apply.
4. Now click on the Servers tab:
For the Account name field you must use your full e-mail address (if you do not use your full e-mail address for your Account name your e-mail will not work). Do not make any other changes unless advised to by a ComCept support representative. Click Apply when finished.
5. You should not have to make any changes to settings in on Connection or Security tabs. They should look like this:
6. The final step is to ensure your timeout settings are correct. Click on the Advanced tab. You will need to make two changes here. First set your "Outgoing mail (SMTP):" port to 2535.  Second, set the time out to the maximum, which in Outlook Express 6 is 5 minutes.
At this point click Apply then Ok.  You are finished and ready to use your new/updated e-mail account. If you have any questions or need further support please contact ComCept Support via your normal channels.

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